Saturday 26 September 2015

Those Pesky Recruitment Consultants

Let me tell you about Vic* - he is a recruitment consultant, of course, in other words a salesman.  I used to be a salesman, so I know a bit about what goes on.  This all happened a couple of years ago, but I doubt if Vic has changed much.

Vic had a chat with me, got my CV, and put me forward for a job.  But he didn't actually get round to telling me that he was putting me forward, nor did he send me a job spec, nor did he tell me who the client was, which is a bit naughty.  But, you know - sometimes you have to be a bit proactive in this life, and enthusiasm counts for a lot.

Which was fine until Bob* called.  Bob had a chat, got my CV, told me about his client, sent me the job spec, gave me the client's name, and I agreed that Bob should put me forward. 

You see where I'm going, don't you?  The client wisely didn't want to get involved with a nest of vipers. 

Then Vic had another go, on a new job a few months later.  He told me about the client - Joseph Bloggs International*, got my CV, told me he was putting me forward.  Lessons learnt - well done Vic!

Two or three other agencies contacted me about Bloggs -I told them I had already been put forward, and they shrugged their shoulders and moved on.

Then - nothing.  No interview, no feedback.  Nothing.  I shrugged my shoulders and moved on. 

Until I met Susan* - she was interviewing me for another job.  Susan was the outgoing DBA, and she was leaving to go to a firm called Joseph Bloggs International.  Nice step up for her, really interesting job.  Yes indeed.  Except looking at her profile she actually wasn't so well qualified as me.  And although I'm sure she will be great at Bloggs, they really should have interviewed both of us before choosing her. 

Vic had done it again.  He got his hooks into me, but didn't land the contract with the client, so didn't actually put me forward.  Hence no feedback. 

So advice please - as a mere candidate, what am I supposed to do when an agency rings me?  If you work in recruitment please tell me the secret formula that renders consultants powerless to tell me big fibs.

*Names changed to protect the guilty


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