Monday, 29 June 2015


I came across a job the other day - it was called Check Disk Space.

A laudable aim - we should all check disk space every now and then, maybe even constantly if we have one of these magical monitoring systems that do everything.  This was actually an old legacy system, dating back to the Palaeolithic era of SQL Server 2000.

But the job was failing.  It had worked for years, and now it didn't work.  So I thought I should look inside it.  Turns out it was running a stored procedure called usp_check_disk_space or something like that - so far, so consistent.

So I thought I would have a look at this elderly stored procedure, which has been running for years and giving nobody any trouble.  and it seems it was running xp_fixeddrives to get the amount of free space on the drives, then writing it to a table, and then - er - truncating the table.




Thursday, 4 June 2015

The Perfect Job

The agencies email, and ring me, and connect on Linked In.  It's nice to be wanted.  But I'm not actually looking for a new job, just keeping my options open.  I would be a mug to refuse to talk to them - they might just have the perfect job for me... 

And of course one day I might be looking, so I want to keep in with those agency bods.  So I tend to tell them that I'm looking for double my salary and a permanent SQL DBA job in a brewery.  Ha ha!

Until the day that the chap tells me that he is looking for a permanent SQL Server DBA in a Brewery!   Oh, well played sir!

I won't be able to apply - I have too many family commitments to consider relocating.  But if you are interested, track down Richard Iles at Computer Futures.  And mention my name - maybe he'll buy me a beer?