Thursday 4 June 2015

The Perfect Job

The agencies email, and ring me, and connect on Linked In.  It's nice to be wanted.  But I'm not actually looking for a new job, just keeping my options open.  I would be a mug to refuse to talk to them - they might just have the perfect job for me... 

And of course one day I might be looking, so I want to keep in with those agency bods.  So I tend to tell them that I'm looking for double my salary and a permanent SQL DBA job in a brewery.  Ha ha!

Until the day that the chap tells me that he is looking for a permanent SQL Server DBA in a Brewery!   Oh, well played sir!

I won't be able to apply - I have too many family commitments to consider relocating.  But if you are interested, track down Richard Iles at Computer Futures.  And mention my name - maybe he'll buy me a beer?


  1. That is very funny! I'll never forget the day that a recruiter contacted me on LinkedIn asking me if I would be interested in a job which, as I read through her description, began to sound more and more familiar, until I realised - it was my job!! (Turned out my employer was thinking of growing the team - but that was a rather mortifying moment...)

    1. Guaranteed to improve your paranoia...