Tuesday 7 August 2018

Tables with Spaces in the Name

Someone has created a table called Complaint Log
Not ComplaintLog or even Complaint_Log

I want to drop an index, so enclosing it in square brackets does the trick

DROP INDEX [IX_Complaint_Log_SNP_Number] ON [dbo].[Complaint Log];
And of course I could do it with the GUI, just by pointing and clicking, all that stuff

But, I want to do it with a script and run it at 0300, and I want to check whether the index actually exists before my script tries to drop it. 

Normal thing would be to do something like this:


       WHERE object_id = object_id('dbo.Complaint Log')

       AND NAME ='IX_Complaint_Log_SNP_Number')

DROP INDEX [IX_Complaint_Log_SNP_Number] ON [dbo].[Complaint Log];

But because of that pesky space, it doesn't work.  Oh, it says it does - it says
Command(s) completed successfully.
But it is lying - the index is not found, and it is not deleted

It would be very satisfying to hunt down the guy who created Complaints Log instead of Complaints_Log, but in these namby pamby days of political correctness gone mad, torturing and killing Developers is frowned upon.

Stefan Spraakman gave me the answer - thanks Stefan!  I need to join sys.indexes with sys.objects and test on the name, like this:

IF EXISTS(SELECT * FROM sys.indexes AS i

          INNER JOIN sys.objects AS o ON o.object_id = i.object_id

          WHERE o.name = 'Complaint Log'

          AND i.NAME ='IX_Complaint_Log_SNP_Number')

DROP INDEX [IX_Complaint_Log_SNP_Number] ON [dbo].[Complaint Log];

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