Wednesday 3 July 2013

Colour Coding Your Servers

Dozens of servers, all with similar names – and you’re new; it’s a recipe for confusion!  Suppose you accidentally update the Production server instead of the Development server when trying out some new code?  That would probably be a Bad Thing, and lead to your colleagues mocking you, not to mention the company maybe going bust.  So, being a DBA, you get a bit paranoid, and check again.  And again, a bit later. 

This is a handy hint for Mr/Ms Paranoia.  Take a look at the list of Registered Servers and pick one of the development boxes.  The Properties look something like this:

But there’s another tab - click on the Connection Properties.  

Tick the box to the left of Use Custom Color, and then click Select.  

This gives you 48 basic colours, plus the chance to define your own custom colours, if you are into interior design.  Don’t get carried away – you only need Red (for Production) and Green (for Development).  Okay, maybe Amber for Test/UAT.  Click on Green for Development, and then OK.  

This takes you back to the Server Registration dialog box.  Just click on SAVE

And now, when you open your development server – ta da!  It’s clearly marked with a nice safe-looking green stripe

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