Wednesday 8 December 2010

Job Hunting

OK, so it's a bit off to one side of the other things I have posted on this blog so far.  But I am job-hunting, and no doubt others are too, so someone out there might find it useful.  There seem to be more websites advertising jobs than there are jobs.  Here's my list. 

If you get your CV uploaded, then employment agencies really do trawl through these sites and they really do ring or email you.  But although it's free to you, it isn't free to them - it costs an agency £10,000 a year or more for just one of these sites - so agencies only sign up for one or two.  Hence you need to load your CV on at least a few of these. 

Set up alerts.  This seems to be a scraper site - it picks up the jobs from lots of other sites and delivers them to you in one long email.  I set up an alert for DBA which delivers a manageable list every day.  But add the magic word SQL, and it delivers far too many - so I have to put up with the Oracle jobs too. 

Set up alerts; Upload CV - an old reliable favourite

Set up alerts; Upload CV - another old reliable one

Computer Weekly
Set up alerts; Upload CV

Career Builder
set up alerts; upload CV

CV Library
Set up alerts; Upload CV
Bizarrely, they sent me a list of jobs I might like today, including a Drama Teacher in Mansfield, which is a bit odd since I told them I was looking for a SQL DBA post in Bristol <sigh>

Set up alerts; Upload CV
Thanks to Richard for spotting that I was linking to the US site
CW Jobs
Set Up Alerts; Upload CV

IT Job Board
Set Up Alerts; Upload CV

Planet Recruit
Set Up Alerts; Upload CV


Set Up Alerts
Slightly cockeyed – if you edit your alert, and click on the Save Changes button, it unsubscribes your alert.  There is a Save Changes button and an Unsubscribe button, and someone has screwed up.  It’s easy to work around – just subscribe again – but you need to be aware of it.  I’ve emailed them to report the bug – let’s see if they fix it before you read this!

Total Jobs
Set Up Alerts; Upload CV
I think this is linked to one of the other job sites here.  I went to load my up to date CV and it was already there, but the rest of the entries related to things I was applying for five years ago.  A little bit spooky...

No Good for Me

Jobs in the Public Sector and Charities
Nothing for the DBA here – only one job in the whole country so much as mentions SQL.  Clearly IT employers in this sector shop elsewhere

Job Centre Plus
Have you ever heard of anyone going to the Job centre and coming away with a job?  I did hear of it happening once, but that was in France with their ANPE organisation.  You are welcome to try – but I put in SQL Server DBA and it came back with a couple of Data Input Clerk vacancies

Empty Lemon
Great name!  It's an anagram of Employment, geddit?  
Great logo - it's an empty lemon!  Ha ha!
Shame it never has any DBA jobs...

Still to sign up for:






I haven't bothered with these as I don't think you will find many DBA jobs in The Guardian and the other nationals.  But it doesn't hurt to list them, as what is true for me may not be true for you.  

MyJobGroup Network - e.g.

Guardian Jobs

Independent (

Telegraph Jobs

Times Online

London Jobs


Just London Jobs

Good Luck!


  1. This is an interesting post... could you explain more about optimising the Linkedin job hunting?

  2. Hi Hissing

    I'm pretty new to LinkedIn. I don't think it's specifically about job-hunting, but it doesn't hurt to have your name and profile on it. For the record, I'm

    I think the best advice is to smarten up your profile and put a link to it in your email signature so that it goes out to everyone. Here's some advice I found useful:
    You might find this useful:

    Hope this helps

  3. Excellent article. Your experiences pretty much match mine. Seem to be bombarded with Nursing jobs every now and then - when I'm looking for IT management.... lol

  4. And another thing while I'm at it. The agencies look at how long it is since you posted your CV on the job board. So post it afresh each month - maybe with recent improvements, but even if it is unchanged. They are more interested in a new CV than an old CV - on the basis that you might have found a job by now if the CV was posted back in December.

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